Care Instructions

How to Care for Gold Filled Jewelry

Caring for gold filled jewelry is not too much different from caring for other types of jewelry. Here are our top tips:
  • Avoid wearing your gold filled jewelry in the ocean, swimming pools, or hot tubs, as the salt water and chlorine can cause damage.
  • Keep your gold filled jewelry as dry as possible and away from humidity.
  • Avoid wearing your gold filled jewelry when working out. Exposure to the salt from sweat can cause your pieces to become dull.
  • Wearing your pieces in the shower/bath is fine as long as you are drying them off afterwards.
  • Remove your jewelry before sleeping to avoid any accidental yanking that may happen while sleeping.
  • Be aware that hairspray, creams, oils, and hand lotions may dull your gold filled jewelry due to the harsh chemicals they contain. Apply the cosmetics prior to putting your jewelry on.
  • Avoid excessive contact with sunscreen as the chemicals can be pretty harsh on most metals.
  • Gently wipe your gold filled piece occasionally with a non-scratch or jewelry polishing cloth to keep its shine.

How to Clean Gold Filled Jewelry

  • Mild soapy water/mild detergent and soft toothbrush: This will effectively remove residue or fingerprints and still leave a bright and shiny finish.
  • Soft cotton cloth: Wiping your gold filled piece with any clean, soft cotton non-scratch or jewelry polishing cloth is perfect to keep its shine.
  • Ultrasonic machine: Quickly and effectively cleans jewelry. Don’t leave the pieces in for too long (check every two to three minutes), and always ensure your cleaning solution is safe to use with gold filled jewelry. Rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth when you are finished.